1. Charles Hadfield: Canal Man and More

Out of print for many years, this was a book about the life and work of Charles Hadfield related to inland waterways, with a section of personal (non-waterways) memoirs by Charles himself. This was published posthumously. I was not interested in producing a "straight" biography, and used the writings to reflect upon the fields to which Charles contrbuted.

The dust jacket illustration on the Amazon link above is NOT the one that was published.

2. British Canals: The Standard History

This book aims to be the standard history of Britain's (and Ireland's) inland waterways. Originally, Charles Hadfield wrote British Canals in 1948; it was published in 1950, and went through several editions. In 1990 he asked if I would update his older book, and I agreed; the eighth edition (called Hadfield's British Canals) was published in 1994 and slightly revised in 1998. Despite what it says on the publisher's description, I re-wrote this without reference to Charles Hadfield, at his request. After he died in 1996, I prepared a further edition, and re-wrote several chapters in their entirety. At some point I hope to re-write this again, to make a 10th edition.

It is now available in a Kindle edition, and it is possible to read the Preface, which sets out my thoughts at the time, and the first few pages.